Elasticsearch Consultants, in Sydney Australia
About Us

Whether you are just starting out on your Elastic Stack journey, and are overwhelmed with data modelling and architecture, or have been running the Elastic Stack for years and just want to improve performance or search results - the team here are ‘Swarmee’ are here to help. We have extensive capabilities in designing, deploying and optimising Elastic Stack installations to meet specific business requirements as well as logging use cases. We are always keen for a chat however we find we can perform the majority of our work offside (out of your hair) with just a couple of json configuration files (e.g. index _mapping and node/cluster _settings) and a few sample documents.

Who We Are

Battle hardened Elastic Stack consultants with decades of experience providing “search” and analysis capabilities to businesses.

How We Can Help

We can help by ensuring your Elastic Stack configuration is optimally aligned to your business use case.

Approach We Take

Our general approach is to minimise your team’s effort - by establishing a sanitised dev/test container configuration to undertake our work.

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