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FI-Comp Overview⚓︎

Competition Background⚓︎

The individuals behind FI-Comp have been working in financial services for decades. Specifically at the intersection between government and the financial services sector. Over this time they have identified a deficiency in understanding across the contributors, custodians and consumers of financial intelligence. Basically, financial services providers, financial intelligence units/agencies and government departments all have a siloed perspective in relation to:

  • What financial intelligence data is,
  • What financial intelligence data can be used for, and
  • What new services are being developed within governments to allow this information to be leveraged.

The hope is that FI-Comp will help to bridge this gap and build a more complete picture for all participants, increasing the use of financial intelligence data and ultimately igniting innovation.

Competition Overview⚓︎

Competition participants are set a series of analysis challenges to be performed on a large dataset of simulated financial transaction reports. These challenges mimic real world analysis scenarios required by Financial Intelligence Units (FIUs) and partners. Each challenge will be scored on accuracy and visual presentation of results.

The dataset is primarily made available to participants via a modern RESTful API. This API replicates the type of APIs that are being built by governments to share financial intelligence data today.

Who Should Participate?⚓︎

The competition is targeted at the following groups:

  • Domestic and internationally focused government agencies - interested in:
    • Understanding financial intelligence data,
    • Modern methods to access financial intelligence data, and
    • Ultimately integrating financial intelligence data into their operational business processes.
  • Financial services organisations - interested in understanding how the data they provide is consolidated, analysed and disseminated within government (and the associated challenges).
  • Vendors - interested in understanding the services and data holdings provided by financial intelligence agencies.
  • Anybody - interested in showing off their skills in;
    • Interrogating APIs,
    • Analysing complex financial data, and/or
    • Producing beautiful data visualizations.

What's the Prize?⚓︎

All competition participants will receive a digital badge issued by badgr uniquely identifying their participation in the competition. These badges can be posted to social media or added to linkedin profiles. Participants that successfully complete all objectives will receive an additional digital badge indicating their superior skills in Following The Money.

Example Digital Badge

Digital Badge

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