Elasticsearch Local Instance Setup

The second, slightly more complex setup option to run swagger-4-es requires the installation of the following prerequisites on the user's desktop/server.

  • docker installed. See these docs for instructions.
  • docker-compose installed. See these docs for instructions.
  • Increasing the mmap count on linux systems. See these docs for instructions.

Once the prerequisite software is installed clone the swagger-4-es repository from github with the following command.

git clone https://github.com/swarmee/swagger-4-es.git
Then running the following command in the cloned folder.
docker-compose up
This will boot up a test cluster locally, then just open https://localhost/index.html to see the Swagger UI page.
Noting; the container generates a self signed certificate so you will need to accept the warning message in your browser.

If you require further details on this setup option please see the associated github readme here.