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Context within Government⚓︎

The below diagram illustrates the context of a model consolidated Anti Money Laundering and Counter Terrorist Financing (AML/CTF) agency.

The diagram highlights government based Financial Intelligence Agencies (FIUs) are compromised of two key business areas :

  • Supervisory - focused on overseeing and supporting the Regulated Entity population (with regulatory partners).
  • Intelligence - focused on performing intelligence analysis and supporting intelligence partners.

The three external entities identified in the above context diagram are:

  • Regulated Entities (often abbreviated to REs), these are the businesses that are required to be registered with the government as they provide a designated financial service. They range from large, sophisticated financial institutions (such as banks, casinos, stock brokers, superannuation funds, global money transfer businesses and insurance companies), to smaller businesses in the money remittance, gambling and bullion dealing sectors.
  • Partners, are domestic and international government partners focused on key government outcomes such as taxation administration, business registration, social justice, consumer protection, disruption of sophisticated and organised crime, etc...
  • Financial Institution Customers, these are the individuals and businesses in the economy utilising financial services provided by Regulated Entities.