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Automated Monitoring⚓︎

Once financial intelligence data is loaded into a data structure appropriate for analysis and the automated party consolidation/summarisation process has completed, automated monitoring is applied. Automated monitoring is applied at many logical levels including:

  • Report Level
  • Reported Party Level,
  • Consolidated Party Level,
  • Network (linked Consolidated Parties) Level,
  • Regulated Entity Level,
  • Correspondent Country Level,
  • Reporter Cohort Level,
  • Reporter State Level,
  • etc...

The automated monitoring process identifies reports, parties, networks and patterns based on configured rules and profiles (e.g. names on a watchlist or known profiles of activity) as well as anomalous activity.

Depending on the type, severity and purpose of the monitoring system trigger, hits generated may:

  • Create a workflow item for triage by the Financial Intelligence agency.
  • Send a notification to a Regulated Entity, government partner or FIU analyst.
  • Record the hit against the report, party or network for further analysis at a later point.