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Opensearch v1 - Initial Look and Comparision to Elastic⚓︎

In the below video we:

  • Boot up opensearch and dashboards, and review some of the unique plugins.
  • Boot up elasticsearch and kibana
  • Review how the frontends compare (side by side)

Note: you'll see I get a little confused when the elasticsearch container fails to start, it turns out that the opensearch container was already exposed on port 9200. So I just remove the elasticsearch port exposing and everything works fine.

Key Takeaways:

  • Opensearch looks pretty good.
  • Opensearch has some key features missing from the "free" elasticsearch product. Specifically: security, logging and alerting.
  • Terminology is already drifting apart between the products with words like "spaces" and "tenants".
  • The elastic product is looking bloated.
  • Opensearch have provided an monitoring API and command line tool - which looks great. But don't have a nice frontend. This seems to be the key difference between the two frontends. Opensearch seems to have some great features in the pipeline - specifically cross cluster replication. At this point elastic does not seem to have any killer features over opensearch. So I would be expecting on-prem and IaaS businesses to be opting for opensearch.